the marketplace for g-code programs

Selling your Programs

g-codesource.com offers you a marketplace to sell your creative work.  Presenting quality products for sale is paramount to g-codesource.com.  A quality program is one that customers with a broad range of skills, a variety of equipment, different cutting tools, and different materials can use to successfully produce parts.  A g-code program alone cannot create a part.  Programs must be in a standard configuration so customers can navigate the programs.  The program has to work, but also the documentation has to explain what is needed to produce the part.  Also, as is normal for sales, the product has to be presented attractively.  

You retain copyright ownership of the program itself.  Customers have to be able to use the end products produced by the program, so the final part design itself has to be released to public domain.  Customers must be free to produce parts for their own use, for gifts, or for commercial use for sale.

You set the sale price.  g-codesource.com charges a 35% commission on each sale.  Posting is free.  Sale transaction charges are covered by g-codesource.com.    Sales taxes are charged on sales within California, but paid by the customer.  California sales tax is managed by g-codesource.com (California-based authors must provide their CA BOE account number).  Order fulfillment to the the customer is performed by g-codesource.com.  Sales each month are paid to you by check at the end of each month.

If a customer has a question about a product, the question will be passed on to you by e-mail along with a message to the customer that the author has been notified and will respond to them directly.   If a concern is raised about a part infringing on an existing copyright, the affected design will be de-posted and you will be forwarded the concern.  Upon your resolution of the issue with the complainant, the part can be reposted.  g-codesource.com cannot represent either party in a copyright dispute.

To be able to sell a program, the program has to conform to the g-codesource.com standard.  At present, there only is a standard for woodworking programs.  The standard is designed to meet several goals, but one of the goals is to minimize the burden on you to meet the standard.  The support documentation (Fabrication Instructions) is absolutely necessary.  It is a way to transfer information on making the part from your head to the customer.

Here are a couple of documents that you need to familiarize with.  The first defines the standard.  The second is a sample of the Fabrication Instructions with key points identified.  The third is a blank Fabrication Instruction document that can be used as a starting point.

The steps for selling your program on the site are:

1.  Familiarize with the standard
2. Configure your program to the standard
3. Generate the generate the fabrications instructions
4. e-mail g-codesource.com that you are ready to post a program
5. follow the instructions in the response message