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Other Resources

There are several resources for g-code and CNC information.  Here are some of the free ones.  If you have other good, free resources, please send an e-mail with info!

  • The standby starter resource is Wikipedia which has a good article on g-code.
  • The folks at Tormach have good information in their PCNC 1100 mill manual starting at section 7.7 (you can find it for download under tech support on their site)
  • There is a lot of information at the EMC site (Enhanced Machine Controller project).  One caution here is that their g-code definition expands the language into a simple programming language, so many aspects are relevant only to EMC.
  • The CNC Cookbook site has several free tutorials.


    • There is a vibrant and helpful community at the CNCzone. 

    Editing g-code programs

    • If you don't already have an editor, Notepad++ is a good way to go