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CNC fabrication of a part involves an interaction of the program, machine, cutting tools, and materials. The use of standards simplify the portability of programs.  Standards encompass factors from the range of commands used to the range of cutting tools used.  Clamping/fixturing the stock is an important part of the manufacturing process. The document below gives a user orientation to g-codesource woodworking programs.  Metalworking programs are similar but use a larger command set.

Each CNC machine is different and the standard for g-code generally is not strictly observed by machine manufacturers.  In the early days of CNC, because of the limited CAD-CAM capabilities at the time, CNC machine manufacturers developed customizations to give their products a competitive advantage.  With the advent of reasonably priced CAD-CAM programs, it is straightforward to generate code with many thousands of steps necessary to machine complex parts.  Most programs run with many G01 commands (which by definition every machine running g-code can use) punctuated with a few other simple commands that may have to be edited to customize the program to a specific machine. With the advent of low cost CNC machines there are a number of machines that have a limited command vocabulary.  This is unfortunate as the cost of computing power is cheap.  Machines should be exuberant with program features.  But the machines exist and in cases the documentation doesn't explain what actually works on a machine.  One way to find out is to run a test program.

Here's a sample program to try on your CNC machine.