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About g-codesource.com

This site is for digital/CNC designers and artists who create designs and g-code programs giving a marketplace for programs; and for 
craftspeoplestudents, and businesses, giving a source for ready-to-use programs. 

The primary goal of this website is to make a marketplace for  high-quality g-code programs; a marketplace that is easy to use, secure to purchase from, simple to navigate, and that does not distract from the products with visual clutter and advertisements.

The second goal of this site is to promote 3D design + manufacturing as an art form. Just as digital graphic design has become an art form, and industrial design is an art form, 3D digital design  + manufacturing is an art form that creates a tangible work of art, or work of industrial design. g-code is just a means of translating digital art to physical parts and sculpture. There are many highly talented artists and designers working in this un-recognized medium.

The third goal of this website is to support technology by spreading knowledge about g-code and supporting the use of industry standards. Machinery needs to be made to industry standards, and support portable programs that can be moved between machines from one manufacturer to another. Imagine what computers would be like if you couldn’t use a file from a Dell computer on a Hewlett Packard! The use of standards enables, empowers, and promotes the entire CNC community.

The programs sold on this site are copyrighted property of the authors. The programs are sold for use by a single customer. The programs may be modified by the buyer but the original content remains property of the author (modification and resale of programs is prohibited). The items produced with the programs have been released to public domain by the authors. There is no restriction on the number of parts that can be made with a program by the purchaser. The parts can be produced for the purchaser’s use or for commercial sale. No attribution is required. There is no restriction on the use of parts produced.  

Sharing the programs with others or posting the programs for others to download is prohibited. Re-distribution of the program by the purchaser is prohibited by copyright law. Copyright infringement will be prosecuted. g-codesource.com reserves the right to refuse to sell programs to any customer where there may be a concern about copyright infringement, and reserves the right to refuse sales to customers in countries where copyright laws are lax or not enforced.

If there is a concern that any of the designs on this site infringe on copyrighted property, upon receiving notification, the identified product will be removed from the site while an investigation is completed. Infringing designs will be permanently removed from the site.

Please give feedback either by e-mail or through our blog.